Meanwhile, in Toronto…


Mysterious monkey in posh miniature winter coat found alone at Toronto Ikea
A small monkey, dressed in a shearling-like winter coat, was on the loose outside an Ikea in Toronto’s North York area on Sunday, after letting itself out of its cage and the car belonging to its owners.

At around 3 p.m. ET, the diminutive primate was spotted in the store’s upper parking lot, where it was cornered by several Ikea staff members, who also called animal control to come retrieve the monkey.

“It apparently let itself out of its crate, opened the car door and went for a walk,” Toronto Police Sgt. Ed Dzingala said. “Smart monkey.”


The adventures of Spidey Steve: City Hall wall crawler
When the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked National Post illustrator and humour writer Steve Murray if he would like to rappel off the top of city hall, he agreed, on one condition: that he be allowed to dress as Spider-Man.

Hey, I thought this place imploded! You lied, Scott Pilgrim! #Toronto #scottpilgrim (Taken with Instagram at Honest Ed’s)

The kiddie midway, from a great height. #cne #Toronto (Taken with instagram)

Delivery truck, with urban camoflauge. #Toronto #graffiti (Taken with instagram)

Under the Overlea underpass in Toronto’s newest disc golf course. #discgolf #Toronto (Taken with Instagram at E.T. Seaton Park Disc Golf Course)

Long course in effect & the mosquitos are swarming. (Taken with Instagram at Toronto Island Disc Golf Course)

You forget sometimes that Toronto is on the water. #yyz (Taken with instagram)