The anti-spoiler cliffchiang propaganda poster hung on the set of Star Wars Episode VII

Inside the Battle of Hoth: The Empire Strikes Out 

How did the Galactic Empire ever cement its hold on the Star Wars Universe? The war machine built by Emperor Palpatine and run by Darth Vader is a spectacularly bad fighting force, as evidenced by all of the pieces of Death Star littering space. But of all the Empire’s failures, none is a more spectacular military fiasco than the Battle of Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.


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Luke, I Am Your Never-ending Nostalgia

The hold Star Wars has on so many people (myself included) never ceases to amaze me. No matter what company owns the rights, what spinoffs they make, or what changes George Lucas insists on, the films are not theirs anymore. They are ours and always will be.

Max Dalton is a wonderful example of this with his “poster featuring (almost) every character of the first Star Wars trilogy in order of appearance.” Of course, it’s already sold out because I’ve been slacking on this blog. I’ll try better.

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Oil on Canvas

Collaborative piece painted by Mike Capp & Justin Hillgrove