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Extremely useful infographic for those of us that truly (but y’know, not really) value our free time.

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Can you identify everything in Tim Doyle’s TV Junk?

(Source: mrdoyle.com)


All of these GAME OF THRONES characters have something in common, besides the fact that I drew them. Click through for season one spoilers!


Click through for Steve Murray’s tribute to the warriors, weirdos & wolves of the first season of Game of Thrones, but beware of spoilers!


Don’t Chang that dial: Community returns tonight on NBC
It feels inappropriate to write a column about Community using mere words arranged in traditional paragraph form.

This is a series that is wildly inventive, and not just by the standards of a half-hour comedy. Every episode about the study group at Greendale Community College involves some sort of conceptual high-mindedness: alternate timelines, stop-motion animation, elaborate parodies of Apollo 13 and Hearts of Darkness, a sprawling blanket fort, a post-apocalyptic paintball battle.

I got 15/26, with a couple of stupid misses.


A festive test: Take our annual Christmas TV quiz
Let’s be honest, many of the “traditions” at this time of year are overblown. Who actually roasts chestnuts? But there’s one thing we reliably do: watch and complain about the same television specials. Which means you should be able to ace our annual Christmas TV quiz.