We are proud to announce that we will be releasing an 16x20 inch archival giclee print of Scott C’s incredible Ghostbusters painting on Ghostbusters30th.com. This piece is truly one of the best we’ve ever seen from Scott, and that’s saying something!

This print will be sold in a Timed Release, meaning everyone will have 72 hours to purchase it, and once that timeframe is over, they will never be sold again. The signed and numbered edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release. 

It will become available at the stroke of midnight (EST) / 9 PM (PST) Tuesday, May 27th, and stay available through Friday night, May 30th at midnight (EST) / 9 PM PST. 

Each print will be $70.00

Stay tuned to our Twitter, @galleries1988, and our Facebook page for more info, reminder and updates…



Literally life changing.

Extremely useful infographic for those of us that truly (but y’know, not really) value our free time.

News you can use.


51 Bill Murray Roles in Headshot Form, by artist Steve Murray (no relation).

Related: T-shirt envisioning an alternate universe where Bill Murray got the role of Han Solo (you can have any size you like, as long as it’s large)

The fine work of zdarsky


Today’s new fun discovery is the work of Ed Harrington @nothinghappenedtoday on Instagram. His illustrations and comic mind are genius. More on his website: http://edharringtonillustration.com/home.html

He speaks the truth. 



There’s never been a better time to bring The Muppet Show back to television - that original, classic format. They’d practically be able to hand pick the guest stars each week. Let’s see more classic song and dance numbers, skits ending in explosions (who needs a proper punchline, anyway?), those…


Here’s what the next NASA spacesuits will look like. (NASA) 

Awesome! Zaaaaaa!