Can you identify everything in Tim Doyle’s TV Junk?



Preview of some of the UnReal Estate 3 prints for this Thursday at SpokeArt!


UnReal Estate III previews by Tim Doyle / Tumblr / Store

Regular and variant prints from the UnReal Estate III art show, opening Thursday, 6th Feb 2014, at Spoke Art / Tumblr



The artwork from Bruce Yan’s solo show “Brand New: Iconic Brands with a Pop Culture Twist” is now online:


WOOKIEE THE CHEW returns to Teefury at Midnight EST tonight - Hooray!!

Links and whatnot when the time comes - thanks for your support and loveliness, as ever :)


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Awesome! Got mine. 


79 famous cats from all of fiction on one print. This is the Internet, so I’m just going to assume you love cats. In fact I’m just going to fill the rest of this space with a bunch of meows and call it a day: meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

But if you prefer dogs (and reality)? Check back tomorrow…

"This is not the way to get healthy!!" 

I hate how often I see Sarah Lazarovic’s work appearing uncredited on the web:


Our last meal? Easy: a large pizza, with a bacon cheeseburger on one slice and sushi on another slice and ramen on another slice and spaghetti carbonara on another slice and an Arby’s Beef ‘n’ Cheddar plus curly fries on another slice and an entire chocolate cream pie on another slice and a

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Make sure to ALWAYS wash your fruit before you eat it. Good advice.


"Life Lessons From Princesses" - will be available on select merchandise at WonderGround Gallery beginning Saturday February 1st 2014. I’ll be at the gallery February 1st and 2nd from 2-5 PM both days. Come by and say hello. I’ll also be debuting the latest Hipster Mickey piece - “Castle Coffee Break” featuring Hipster Minnie and a tribute to it’s a small world.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney District® at the Disneyland® Resort.

"Uh-oh. Whoops. Looks there’s a little leftover nuclear waste. No problem!I’ll just put it where nobody’ll find it for a million years."