10 of the Most Iconic Swords in Fiction

A new infographic illustrating various iconic swords in fiction. Unlike my previous movie trucks piece I did no trace work for these illustrations, as there simply weren’t any images available to trace. At least for most of them.

I drew all of the swords free hand (I really need to buy some rulers…it’s ridiculous) and I realise that some elements may be slightly out of proportion.

Rather than being an infographic (as I like infographics with as little text as possible), I’d consider this more as a kind of visual reference. Ultimately, I hope that you all approve.

Seeing a lot of posts about the Muppets Beastie Boys mashup, but I’m more partial to Richard Scarry’s Sure Shot.

All work and no play makes Stanley a dull boy 


So, yeah, HOLY SHIT, we won BEST NEW SERIES at the Eisner Awards Friday night. The Eisner committee had to engrave the words “SEX CRIMINALS” on two of their trophies. I have hidden it in my home for when they realize what they’ve done and come to take it away from me.

It was a fantastic, nerve-wracking night, and jeez louise ain’t Matt Fraction the best? If it weren’t for him and his brilliant brain I’d be doodling dicks on cocktail napkins for spare change. I love that guy and can’t stress enough how great it’s been to work on this with him. He’s a great collaborator and a great friend and NO, YOU have something in your eye.

Oh, and issue seven is at the printers, printing away. No ads, all story and giant letters column. COMICS WOOOO


I know somebody who won something for doing something, so it’s like I have won! Sorta. Not really.

Congrats, Chip!


How long would it take to binge-watch these popular cartoons? Among other observations, this tells us it’d only take about 3-4 days to watch all the GOOD Simpsons.

(Source: Nielsen. For live-action shows, see Part 1 and Part 2)

News you can use!

"Is that your friend in the wood chipper, aye?" Love that scene. By Doug LaRocca 

Wretched sinner unit! The path to Robot Heaven lies here, in The Good Book 3.0!


My piece for The Line It Is Drawn’s “What If?” week—what if Gary Larson designed Spider-Man?

I’ve been reading The Far Side since I was too young to understand 75% of the jokes (and a handful of them still go over my head), so once I saw this suggestion on the prompt list, I dropped everything and started drawing.

So awesome! 


So, I’d been trying since late October to get JIM DAVIS to do a cover for us. Sadly, it never happened as he said he didn’t feel like he was up to the task (also, I’m assuming, because it’s called “Sex Criminals”). So, instead, he sent me this in the mail.

Jim Davis sent me a drawing of Garfiled dressed as me.

Jim Davis.

I can die now I guess.



(It’s made out to “Steve Murray” cause that’s my real name if you didn’t know. Taa daa.)

EDIT: Almost forgot to add his handwritten note!

Ah, The Young Ones. More people should know them.

Ah, The Young Ones. More people should know them.

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